PRIVACY – Privacy Policy

Privacy is Our Foundation

At, we respect the privacy of our Clients and Customers and ours, and we also ask you to respect it.

1. We have never collected and we will not collect ANY DATA entrusted to us by our Clients or Customers.

2. We have never sold or will sell or in any other way intentionally share ANY DATA which was obtained from our entrusted Clients or Customers.

The only exception is the situation in which we will be asked by our Customer to share their data for further dissemination, e.g. on a social network, etc.

3. After the completion of any of Our Online Language Services, all data, such as photos, scans, e-mails, texts, etc., received from our Clients and Customers will have been permanently removed from our resources.

4. We do not force anyone to stay on Our Website, nor to leave any data here, whether in the contact form or in the comments, or to use Our Services. Each such action is a VOLUNTARY operation.

5. Please be advised that the server on which Our Website is hosted and located is in Great Britain. Our Company also operates the area of this country. Both these entities are subject to the laws applicable here.


If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, or with anything on Our Website, we kindly ask you to leave it. We wish you a great day.

Do you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy?

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