Opinions About Us

Katarzyna Goliszek is an incredible English teacher with broadcasting talent. We know that learning a new language is not easy but … has made it really enjoyable and simple. Our listeners love her short account about the English grammar and the way how she explains the most commons idioms.

Artur Kieruzal

Managing Director, Polish Media House (Polish Radio London, Cooltura+)

I have been cooperating with Piotr for almost two years. He deals with my SEO. Since then, a lot has changed to my website and these are definitely the changes for the better. The work related to the optimization of the site is carried out with the plan and brings  people coming to us from our website (previously it did not happen at all). Piotr is an incredibly hard-working person. He really wants his work to be effective and he always gives the Client 100% or maybe even more. My recommendation!

Iwona Iwanicka

Managing Director, Iwona Accountancy Services Ltd.

The matter regarding the breaking of the internet contract went quickly and without problems. Piotr suggested a great solution to the case which was successful, and I am very happy because I saved a lot of money. I really recommend because of the great friendly service and professional help.

Paweł Piwnicki

Kasia and Piotr from lingutransla.org perform for us various services related to internet marketing. They optimize and locally position our website. They help us to write and translate texts and ads. They search for keywords suitable for our Polish and English SEO. Their work quickly brought us measurable benefits, and this is just the beginning and we expect a lot more! :-)

Mariusz Kępka

Managing Director, MK Solutions

I whole-heartedly recommend English lessons with Kasia. She is a great person who is an expert in English; she helps breaking the barrier of speaking a new language. She adds strength and self-confidence to me, is always helpful, and you can learn English without leaving home which is a really great comfort. There is no better way to learn a language as you can decide what you need help for.

Roksana Lutoborska

Insurance Consultant, https://www.facebook.com/londynubezpieczenia/

I have been co-operating with Kasia and Piotr from Lingutransla for a few years. We have been working mainly on the texts of our joint clients’ websites. Translations of texts are always prepared before time, corrected both in terms of appropriate language and SEO rules. Sometimes we argue about details but from the experience I know that it helps to work out a fresh look at the problem and hence – well-functioning unconventional solutions. I recommend them to everyone who needs it!

Tomasz Lewandowski

Managing Director, attv.uk

I wholeheartedly recommend learning English through Skype with Kasia. Conscientiousness, sensitivity, high personal culture and great ability to adapt to the client. I would recommend!

Renata Turadek