Language Online Services in Polish and English. Over 20 years of experience from Poland and the UK. We operate effectively via internet or telephone.

lingutransla.org – We and Our Services

Thank you for being here :-)


We really appreciate it.

Our goal is that by using this website and our services, you receive ONLY REAL BENEFITS!

At lingutransla.org we provide verbal, written and multimedia language services. We do it in Polish and English.


Before you do anything here, read what we wrote in the section Our Experience and Principles of Operation, as well as on the page PRIVACY. You will find it all below, as well as at the very bottom in the footer of this page.

We invite you to cooperation. Regards.

Kasia and Piotr

lingutransla.org – Who we are

We are a family company.


We work as a co-operative of professionals. We provide the following services:

Language Services:

Korepetycje OnlineNauka JęzykówNagrywanie GłosuTłumaczenie TekstówSprawdzanie TekstówPisanie Tekstów

Marketing and consulting services:

Pozycjonowanie StronMarketing InternetowyPomoc i Doradztwo

Our Experience and Operating Principles


  • For over 20 years we have been teaching, translating, writing, etc., as well as running business, once in Poland and now in the UK.
  • We know Polish and British reality and mentality.
  • We recommend proven solutions based on open source software. 
  • If we can not do the job ourselves, we recommend friendly companies that we trust.
  • We like and value simple efficiency. 
  • We do not cheat and we put things very clearly.
  • We also require the latter from our Clients.
  • We respect our Clients and everyone who respects us.

We are confident of our skills and our ways of working out over the years.

We do not undertake anything unethical or contrary to our Slavic Worldview.

lingutransla.org – Kasia and Piotr

Kasia about herself

I am a teacher and translator of the English language – MA in English studies in 1999 at the University of Poznan. In 2011 in the UK I set up my first company especially of teaching and interpreting. Since 2014, I have focused on online tutoring, mainly via Facebook Messenger and Skype as well as written translations.

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Piotr about himself

I have been dealing with marketing and computers since 1989. In 1990 I bought the first PC and set up my first advertising company. I co-operated with many leading IT companies in Poland. In the UK from 2008 till 2014 I worked for Sign Express and Action Graphics. Since 2015 I have been into SEO and internet marketing.

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